The Inside Scoop on ONCE Somerville

By Chris Porter

Although we’ve been operating out of the same space for a couple of years now, we’re just starting our 6th month as ONCE Lounge and Ballroom, and we couldn’t be more excited! Thanks to all the patrons and performers who have already spent time at our wonderful and unique venue. It means a lot to us to have growing crowds, more and more shows than ever before, and wonderful feedback from so many. We do aim to keep improving the venue and present an eclectic array of events so keep in mind to keep visiting us (either for a show or to hang out in our Lounge) for an ever changing presentation of great food, drink, and performances.

You may wonder – why is the venue called ONCE? I get that question asked a lot. ONCE is actually an acronym that stands for One Night Creative Event. Cause that’s of course what we generally do – present one night creative events (as many nights as we can :))! Conversationally and promotionally we have fun with the name too (“see you at ONCE”, “we were at ONCE before”, “ONCE – you go there”, etc.). Some love it, some hate it, but either way people have to admit it’s easy to say and memorable.

Over the past few months there have been so many wonderful and memorable shows at ONCE including Fruit Bats & Horse Feathers, Eskimeaux, Barry & the Remains, Sessions Americana, Dead Meadow, Jason Webley, Count Zero, Kaiju Big Battel, and of course the annual Rock n Roll Rumble! Coming up we are very much looking forward to D.R.I., Monophonics, Marty Willson-Piper (formerly of The Church), Leftover Crack (sold out!), Rhett Miller, Sonny & the Sunsets, Alex G, The FIXX (yes – that band from the 80’s/90’s!), The Coathangers, among many others. We will keep adding shows every few days so keep in mind to regularly check our website for news about future happenings.