About Us

  • ONCE Somerville is a 9,000 foot event space located at the corner of Central St and Highland Ave, in Somerville MA., owned and operated by locavore catering company, Cuisine en Locale.
  • From rock shows to benefit fundraisers, we are proud to host One Night Creative Events of all kinds.
  • The Lounge upstairs has a capacity of 100 and is available for small shows and parties. There are two pool tables, a pinball machine, dance floor and PA system.
  • Cuisine en Locale serve all local tacos in the Lounge every Monday night, and offer a full menu of all local dinner food Thursday through Saturday night.
  • The Ballroom, downstairs, has a capacity of 300 and is available for larger events and performances. Replete with chandeliers and marble bar, the ballroom sports a full PA and large stage with a parquet dance floor.

Once Somerville from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo.
Cambridge native, JJ Gonson, has found Nirvana! Although an accurate statement, it may be a bit overstated.

  • In the nineties, during the height of the “grunge years,” Gonson lived on the West Coast where she produced, managed, and toured with rock bands. It was during this incarnation that she experienced (hung with) Seattle grunge heroes, Nirvana.
  • In a side note of more rock cred, Gonson’s sister, Claudia, is a member of the much revered indie pop band, Magnetic Fields.
  • Finding nirvana as a small business owner in this decade of corporate, big-box, venture capitalism might be considered an overstatement, but Gonson has done it.
  • At 156 Highland Avenue in Somerville, she found a building where all her creative loves have merged into a small business, and a place of reinforcement in the battle to build community, in these transitional times.
  • Gonson refers to ONCE Somerville as a recreational center for grown-ups. It is a large hall, decorated by the vision of an artist, that host a variety of shows and events, which are catered by her “locavore” catering company, Cuisine en Locale.

Originally published on NeighborMedia.org