The Inside Scoop on ONCE Somerville

By Chris Porter Although we’ve been operating out of the same space for a couple of years now, we’re just starting our 6th month as ONCE Lounge and Ballroom, and we couldn’t be more excited! Thanks to all the patrons and performers who have already spent time at our wonderful and unique venue. It means […]

JJ Gonson turns Cuisine en Locale into rock club

By James Reed originally published in the Boston Globe on May 7, © 2015 

DINA RUDICK/GLOBE STAFF JJ Gonson. In early March, JJ Gonson posted a Facebook update that raised some eyebrows. She does that a lot, actually, but this particular post stood out. “Would you pay $150 to see Leonard Cohen at Cuisine en […]

From Anthony’s to ONCE

The first time I walked into the space we now call ONCE I fell in love. I wanted nothing but to be in control of the room I stood in. Lush carpets, chandeliers, and mirrors…. Mirrors everywhere! I did not know what we were going to do with the room, but I needed the kitchen […]