Friendsgiving Karaoke x OVV
ONCE Somerville

Friendsgiving Karaoke x OVV

Under 18 With Guardian
Friendsgiving Karaoke with Sara and DJ set by Handsome Chuck!

In order to access this livestream please RSVP for tickets via Eventbrite. A link to the livestream will then be emailed to you once you have completed the registration. In order to access the live stream click the “View Now” button in the confirmation email and follow the instructions listed on that page.


Karaoke is good for bringing us together. Just because we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, doesn’t mean you can’t make a public spectacle of yourself. We believe in the awesomeness of singing your heart out in front of friends and strangers, so we now present to you At Home Karaoke Party hosted by Chuck Chuck and Sara Honeywell! Parties are what we make of them in this ongoing dystopia, so please sing with us! DJ Handsome Chuck will also be doing a dance party set so let's get weird!

Limit 25 participants!


“We call ourselves independent, but what we are is interdependent. Performance is art. Art soothes and nurtures us. It makes us happy.” ONCE VV will work hard to add a warmth and hospitality to the livestream by evoking the hominess and cozy hospitality they are known for and will continue to keep the ONCE name tied to diverse and quality programming as they frontier the wild west of an online “virtual venue.”

All for ONCE and ONCE for ALL!

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