Let's Get Critical with Matt Lambert  x ONCE VV
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Let's Get Critical with Matt Lambert x ONCE VV

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Interviewing the Interviewer with JJ Gonson

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We tune in and turn on to the stories bands love to tell to the folks holding the mics and the cameras, but those people have some equally compelling stories about the makings of those interviews.

Join host, JJ Gonson, as she welcomes a slew of great music writers and photographers to talk about their own experiences and memories of interviewing the stars.


Born and raised in Massachusetts, Matt Lambert is an all-around music enthusiast. Seldom afraid to tell you about a new band, or even one only new to him. He started writing for a local webzine in the late 90s and transitioned into photography in 2010s. Today, he takes photos of bands in and around the Boston music scene and beyond. His favorite part about photographing music is being able to tell a visual story.

Matt has been published on Spin.com, Do617.com, NewEnglandSounds.com, GratefulWeb.com and in Performer Magazine.


Work can be found at http://www.trebmalphoto.com




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