Motivate Merren x ONCE VV
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Motivate Merren x ONCE VV

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Motivate Merren x ONCE VV

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After more than a decade of quietly yet confidently earning the respect and support of hip hop OGs, heavyweights and upstarts alike, The Mayor is back on the campaign trail.

What started as a joke between Merren's small circle of musical friends became a meaningful moniker for one of Boston's longest standing leaders of the new school.

Merren continues to share his vision for the future of Boston hip hop through his platform “Branded Authentic.” Catch him live Friday July 31st at Once Somerville Virtual backed by MEGAZOYD!


Motivate Merren is of that rare breed of rapper that seamlessly sews together style and substance. Reflecting on everyday experiences and emotions, his rhymes are as realistic and relatable as much they are encouraging and entertaining.

Born and raised in Boston, he continues to be a persistent presence on the New England music scene. His engaging stage presence and vocal stylings is backed by the soulful Trio Megazoyd. In addition to performing, he has created outlets for fellow artists by hosting and producing live music events. His album “Motivate 2” is now available on all streaming and digital platforms.

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“We call ourselves independent, but what we are is interdependent. Performance is art. Art soothes and nurtures us. It makes us happy.” ONCE VV will work hard to add a warmth and hospitality to the livestream by evoking the hominess and cozy hospitality they are known for and will continue to keep the ONCE name tied to diverse and quality programming as they frontier the wild west of an online “virtual venue.”

All for ONCE and ONCE for ALL!

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