JC Brooks

ONCE Somerville Presents

JC Brooks

Gold Blood & Associates, Miss Fairchild

Tue, June 13, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:45 pm (event ends at 12:30 am)


This event is 18 and over

JC Brooks Band

w/ Gold Blood & Associates, Miss Fairchild

Doors @ 8pm / Show @ 8:45pm

18+ / All ages admitted with adult

$13 advance / $16 day of show

Tickets are available for purchase online until 5pm day of show / Walk up tickets are available for purchase at the door day of show after 8pm (if not sold out)

JC Brooks Band
JC Brooks Band
JC Brooks makes soul-infused, genre-bending music that is energetic and kinetically charged. “It all started out as an effort to merge post-punk and soul, but it’s grown into so much more than that,” says vocalist/lyricist/bandleader JC Brooks. “I feel like we carry that ethos with the genre-mixing blend of soul music we write, and the punk aspect is more about our DIY determination to get out there onstage and engage with our live crowds on a visceral level.” After years of touring the US and Europe playing clubs to major festivals, the band hunkered down in 2016 to record The Neon Jungle.

That grab-the-listener-at-all-costs mashup manifesto has been captured to a T on the band’s new joint, which is set for an April 7, 2017 release via Rock Ridge Music. As JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, they previously released two albums for Bloodshot Records, and their soul mashup version of Wilco’s “I’m Trying to Break Your Heart” was a nationwide jam. With the new album, The Neon Jungle, they have dropped “the Uptown Sound” but continue as one powerful live band.

Brooks himself describes the forthcoming release as an album-length depiction of “one crazy, incredible night out.” And what a wild ride it is indeed, from the percussive harmonic rush of the opening track “Jungle” to the vulnerable balladeering of “Playing With Fire” to the progressively funky kick of “O. N. O.” — a song where Brooks filters the best of Prince, Mick Jagger, and Steely Dan into his signature soul-train blender — to the whirling-dervish jam attack of “Get Gone.”

The album’s impetus started innocently enough with a core directive: to chronicle the soul of nightlife. “Our last album, [2013’s] Howl, was dark and ...contemplative and we wanted to make something a little more joyful,” Brooks explains. “For me, listening to The Neon Jungle conjures this oddly specific image: it's '87, you're going out on a Friday night and you're ready to lose yourself in the city, anticipating this unbelievable time and surfing the radio and stopping on whatever's gonna keep that tingle flowing through your body.”

The sound of the 11 tracks on The Neon Jungle is the result of a revised six-man Chicago-based lineup that’s now simply named collectively after its fearless leader, and the album very much reflects the full JC Brooks band’s invigorated, all-hands-on-deck approach. “One of the first things put into play with this new band was we wanted it to be a more wholly cooperative creative machine,” Brooks explains. “Everyone has a voice in its creation and this album came together the way it did and with the sound it did because the six of us did most of the writing as a unit.”

The Neon Jungle took the band over 18 months to complete. Assistance in honing the new JC Brooks audio-vision came courtesy of the album’s main producer, Josh Richter of Victorian Recording, along with additional production input from Isaiah Sharkey (“Jungle”) and Steve Gillis (“Stumble in the Dark”), as well as mixer Ken Lewis (“Drive”). “The album is very interpersonal by nature, and it sounds like us learning how to write together and feeling each other out musically,” Brooks acknowledges. “But since we’ve been playing as a unit for well over a year, I feel like we now have our sound together. The Neon Jungle is the product of everybody working together in harmony, where we all brought something to the table and never once sacrificed the eclectic nature of our music.”

To capture such a particularly adventurous sonic template for The Neon Jungle, the band opted for delving into creating denser mixes. “The last thing we wanted was bare or sparse arrangements, except for the ballad,” Brooks admits. “Another aim from the outset was to make this a full album. And Josh Richter is very meticulous about these things. He had so many great ideas for how each track was layered and how to fill out the sound.”

A prime example of just how The Neon Jungle fires on all cylinders is “O. N. O.,” the forward-thinking funk-prog-jazz hybrid that also features Brooks’s amazing falsetto. “Prince and Steely Dan was exactly what I was going for there,” the singer agrees. “I wanted to have a Princelike vocal backed with a Steely Dan-esque story. And what more can you say about a legend that hasn’t already been said?” Brooks continues about the late Purple One, who passed away in April 2016. “It’s impossible to not have been inspired in some ways by Prince if you’re playing music these days. He was such a prolific artist. Even kids who wouldn’t listen to anything else from that era have experienced, liked, and been inspired by Prince as a musical entity.”

JC Brooks has made a career out of delivering the goods they’ve put down on wax during their celebrated live performances, and the stage is where The Neon Jungle will be shining from next. To that end, concertgoers can expect to hear upwards of seven songs from the new album plus certain longtime favorites during the band’s upcoming tour. “I believe in our show. We have a very strong live band,” feels Brooks. “We know how to connect with people. Our show brings people into our fold and makes fans of those who might otherwise ignore our type of music.”

Connecting with people onstage is something that’s always been a part of JC’s DNA. “You want to reach out to many different people at the same time,” he says. “That’s why I feel like a searchlight at times. I’m trying to spread it all around when I’m up there to make sure everybody is getting all these different moments that you build into the show. The heightened emotion when I perform all of these songs comes from my own background and training in theater, and it's a constant part of my stage identity.”

The entire JC Brooks band is looking forward to sharing the fruits of its collective spark. “We’re quite energized, and we’re supercharged about our future,” Brooks reveals, hinting that the next studio album, which is already in the works, is likely to take on a more political tack to address what’s going on in the world around us today. “I believe in the likability and the danceability of our music, so all I want is for people to give The Neon Jungle a listen,” he concludes. “If people can hear it, we're gonna be alright.”

For now, the good-times vibes of The Neon Jungle rule the aural roost. And it’s easy to see why, as it’s the perfect soundtrack for driving all through the night to the other side to have that special night out on the town to enjoy the full-bore sonic assault of the JC Brooks experience.
Gold Blood & Associates
Gold Blood & The Associates. A soul band that rocks. A rock band with soul. They couldn't decide and decided to do both. With an evolving cast of "associates" bringing in the sounds of horns, the five core members of Gold Blood write music that takes off in the direction of bluesy, psycho-billy, psychedelic punk, and depart to a swirling, mirror-ball, slow-dancing, oldies soul with even a tinge of groovy dance-ability laden throughout all. You'll either be swaying your hips or banging your head!
Miss Fairchild
Boston’s R&B ensemble Miss Fairchild is joyfully committed to The Show; spectacle, musicianship, awe and entertainment. Performing in the grand tradition of the Motown/Stax innovators of the 60’s, and the glittery Pop-Funk icons of each succeeding decade, MF exists amongst a new tier of R&B showmanship. Channeling both the urban ferocity of The Dap Kings as well as the slick live acts of Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, they tilt their fedoras to the past, while dancing in tandem with the contemporary.

At the heart of any great show band is a charismatic frontman. Travis Richard (or "Daddy Wrall") leads Miss Fairchild with soulful voice and energetic step; a tribute to his tireless heroes, Prince and Michael Jackson. Growing up as the preacher's son in a small town, Richard discovered a yearning to command the stage. Now playing sold-out shows backed by an incredible rhythm section, smooth funk sax and the chemistry of a newly added hype-girl, Richard and his band embody a fully-realized childhood dream, howling and wailing their songs in a voice that's familiar, yet entirely their own.

Originally the brainchild of producer Sammy Bananas, arranger Schuyler Dunlap, and Richard himself, in the role of "song and dance man", it's Miss Fairchild - the band - that has taken on a role greater than the sum of it’s parts for MF's new LP release, Show Band. Touring you through bubbly sweet Blue Eyed Soul, early 80's inspired dance anthems, and stadium-sized funk interludes, the new record succeeds as a perfect bottling of their effervescent live show.

[The Miss Fairchild Show Band can be seen performing live in Boston's premiere concert venues, and throughout New England.]
Venue Information:
ONCE Ballroom
156 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA, 02143