Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers

ONCE Somerville presents

Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers

The Claudettes, The Wrong Shapes

Sun, May 20, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

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ONCE Somerville presents Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers

with The Claudettes & the Wrong Shapes

$12 adv/$15 day of show

6:30pm doors/7:30pm showtime

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Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers
Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers
“As a young girl, Annapolis, Maryland–native Erin Harpe learned the blues literally at the feet of the African American blues players of the Washington, D.C. acoustic scene. Her father, visual artist and guitarist Neil Harpe, was a mainstay at the famed Archie’s Barbershop where he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Archie Edwards, John Cephas, Phil Wiggins and John Jackson. Erin grew up as a friend to all, picking up the true blues from early on. Her father, Neil, is internationally renowned among guitarists as a Stella expert and “purveyor of fine old time guitars.”
–Frank Mathies, Living Blues Magazine

Growing up in the Washington DC area, Erin began learning fingerstyle blues guitar from her dad in her teens. She soon began performing at folk festivals, coffee houses, bars, and parties in the DC area, developing a strong blues guitar and vocal style of her own. Erin relocated to Boston to develop her music career, where she met local blues talents such as Paul Rishell and Susan Tedeschi.

Erin has released two acoustic blues albums, her debut Blues Roots (2002) and an album with her dad – Delta Blues Duets (2008). Both received rave reviews and radio airplay across the United States, as well as at least six European countries and Japan. Erin's soulful vocal style and accomplished finger-picking guitar playing has earned her many fans, including guitar great Ronnie Earl, and she is quickly becoming recognized on the international blues scene. In fact, Erin completed her first European tour in Spring 2014 and is planning to head back overseas very soon.

Like her predecessors Memphis Minnie and Charley Patton, Erin has a wide appreciation of many styles of music, and ventures fearlessly outside the blues to lead her “Other Band”, the electro-funk dance band Lovewhip. Erin has even been known to slip a Lovewhip song into her blues sets, and the dancers don't seem to mind a bit!
The Claudettes
The Claudettes
The Claudettes fuse Chicago piano blues with the full-throttle energy of rockabilly and punk and the sultriness of '60s soul to write a thrilling new chapter in American roots music. Johnny Iguana pounds the piano alongside seductive singer Berit Ulseth, bassist/singer Zach Verdoorn and drummer Danny Yost. Johnny, who toured for years with his cult-favorite rock band oh my god, is also a member of the Grammy-nominated groups Chicago Blues--A Living History and the Muddy Waters 100 Band. He has toured/recorded with Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and more. The Claudettes recorded their new album with Grammy-winning producer Mark Neill (Black Keys, Paladins, Old 97's, J.D. McPherson):
New music video:
What they're saying about the new album:
Billboard -- "The 12-song set... showcases a different lineup of the band, one that's been honed via live performance during the past two years and that showcases vocalist Berit Ulseth. But that's only made the Claudettes' distinct and idiosyncratic blend -- punk, blues, R&B, rockabilly, some jazz -- more potent."

MUSOSCRIBE (Bill Kopp's Music Magazine): The Claudettes – Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium! (Yellow Dog Records)
I liked these guys when they started out, and I think I love them now. I can’t think of another group that combines barrelhouse piano and female chanteuse vocals with heavily-effected electric guitar and slamming drums. The band’s sound is quite difficult to describe, as it seems to draw as much form hard and psychedelic rock as it does from N’awlins piano boogie. If you’re ready for something that’s at once unlike anything else you’ve heard and melodically accessible, you must listen to the Claudettes. They look like a jazz trio and vocalist; they sound not at all like that.

The Second Disc — "The sound is raw and immediate – with a piano, bass guitar and drums core – thanks to the band’s use of vintage equipment and instruments. This Scandal boasts punk spirit, earworm melodies, and a neo-retro sound that’s loaded with appeal."

No Depression -- "I hear touches of Jerry Lee Lewis at his most manic (which fits, considering that Johnny sometimes pounds those keyboards to freaking smithereens), of cinema (some of the vocal overlays are freaky as hell), of rock 'n' roll (and not the standard rock 'n' roll but the rock 'n' roll you might have heard at some of them house parties Chicago and the Deep South are famous for), of multiple genres wrapping around one another until you cannot recognize any one of them. It must be fun as hell to play in this band."

The Vinyl District -- "They’ve been tagged as punk-blues, but on this CD immediately connect as something other/ more than growled out Willie Mabon covers slathered in amp gristle. This is partly due to the piano of founder-constant member Johnny Iguana, who’s played with Junior Wells and Otis Rush. But if steeped in tradition, The Claudettes aren’t a replication (or as said, a mere dirtying up) of it, instead exuding comfort with contemporary motions (Mark Neill produced) as new vocalist Berit Ulseth shines, especially on “Pull Closer to Me” and “Death and Traffic.” Iguana’s skills are fully showcased on the title track. A-"
The Wrong Shapes
The Wrong Shapes
Yoga Teacher/Cellist (Rachel Arnold) meets Rock Singer/Guitarist (Bo Barringer) and they discover that they like each other. They decide to spend their lives together. They figure, why not play music together? She buys loop pedal. He makes beats on drum machine. They put it all together…they become The Wrong Shapes. Bo has fronted several acclaimed Boston bands (Make Lisa Rich, The Collisions, MEandJOANCOLLINS, Future Carnivores.) Rachel (now Barringer) plays cello with The Grownup Noise, released her own solo album, Glass Dahlia as Lady Ray and regularly performs contemporary classical music. Together they create a darkly intriguing sound, drawing comparisons to a broad range of influences (Velvet Underground, Atlas Sound, Rasputina, The Kills.) Lyrical themes range from not quite having your shit together (“My Aim is Terrible,”) to meeting someone who could set you on the right path (“Easily Swayed,”) to everything being, well….alright (“Alright, Alright”.) Their self-recorded debut album, “Reverse The Phase” also features a handful of haunting instrumentals (“Actual Girls,” “I’m Not Gonna Move a Mountain” (inspired by the 1980 Werner Herzog film, Fitzcarraldo), and “…A Thousand Orchids,”) that betray an almost Eno-esque blending of disparate sounds and sources. While songs like “My Laugh is Simple, Your Hips are Complicated” and “Places I Used to Hunt” marry unexpected mechanical-sounding beats to lush organic cello lines. The band name comes from an obscure science fiction novel that will remain nameless, but the duo thought it to be an apt description for their sound.
Venue Information:
ONCE Lounge
156 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA, 02143