Cliff Notez

Allston Pudding and HipStory presents

Cliff Notez

Hop Hop, Anson Rap, Sway Casey

Sun, April 22, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

Off Sale

Allston Pudding and HipStory presents Cliff Notez

with Hop Hop, Anson Raps, Sway Casey

$10 adv/ $12 dos

7pm Doors/8pm show


Lounge opens upstairs at 6pm for drinks and hanging out!

(Play a game of pool, pinball or board games!)

Tickets are available for purchase online until 5pm day of show / Walk up tickets are available for purchase at the door day of show after 6pm

Physical tickets are available at:

A Curated World by Kay McGowan

160 Highland Ave

Wed - Fri: 1pm to 8pm

Sat - Sun: 12pm to 6pm



Cliff Notez
Cliff Notez
Boston Massachusetts Native, Cliff Notez is an film maker, poet, musician, photographer, and producer/engineer working with people and places like Harvard, Russell Simmons, MIT, Blavity, Allston Pudding Boston University, RAW Art Works and more. He is the founder of Media brand HipStory and New Media Programs associate at the Institute of Contemporary art in Boston. Cliff is an extremely versatile artist and musician, able to sing your lead as a baritone, or back you with some bass, both vocally, and on guitar. Once classically trained as a vocalist, Cliff has been singing in choirs and musicals since he six years old, and rapping since he was 9. Cliff has been no stranger to the stage, and immediately proves it with his humble-confidence and pure talent. Cliff has worked to score film projects for himself, Russell Simmons and MIT, produce records for Oompa, Tim Hall, Forté and many more. As a music student at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, Cliff created his first band, The ValidDictorians, with which he self produced and recorded 5 records to date, which he has toured along the east coast. Cliff is now finishing production for VQnC’s debut disco-dance album, The Vitiligo Film Soundtrack.
When he’s not working at being a film maker, music producer, or poet, he’s working on everyone else’s as the founder and creative director of media brand HipStory, writer for Blavity and Allston Pudding, and as lead administrator and educator for the Institute of Contemporary Art’s Teen New Media Programs.] Cliff recently graduated from Northeastern University [2016] with a masters in digital media and was 2016 Vox Pop Poetry Slam Champion with the Haley House slam team and is currently touring his new film, finishing his first solo music project in over 5 years and filming his new project.
Hop Hop
Hop Hop
Hop Hop is the the hip-hop stage persona of American rapper, musician, producer Jaz Frazier born and raised in Alabama and currently based in Buffalo, New York. Frazier uses Hop Hop to vent issues tied to identity, sexism and racism among other topics intrinsic to society. She has been described as a “conscious” rapper and one who speaks in a “nameless” musical language. She has been interviewed on Alternative Buffalo 107.7 and Buffalo webzine Qween City, as well as featured on the political podcast Season of the Bitch. Loyal to DIY style, Hop Hop is an everywoman when it comes to creating her music and performs live with gutsy sass and geekdom, forever.
Sway Casey
Sway Casey
Sway Casey is an emcee who wants to make music that you can put on repeat. Music that makes you feel great or at least makes you feel better. Music you can vibe to, music you can connect to, music you can smoke to, music you can drink to, music you can chill to, music you can fall asleep to, music you can drive to, music you can dance to, music you can sway to, and, most importantly, music that you can fall in love with.

The Massachusetts based artist has performed at multiple venues across Boston & the North Shore including The Middle East, Opus, PA’s Lounge, and the Walnut Street Café as well as in Connecticut at UConn’s annual Huskython fundraiser and 860 Customs in Hartford. Additionally, Sway has been a featured guest on DENCITY Radio on WEMF in Massachusetts and Underground Airplay on WHUS in Connecticut.

Sway also promotes his brand The Feel Great Company alongside his music. The goal of The Feel Great Co. is to create music that (as you may have guessed) makes the listener feel great about (her/him)self. Whether that is the feeling of pure happiness, or just a feeling of relatability that could improves someone’s day, the goal is to connect with others and promote the idea of staying true to one’s self. In the future, Sway plans to push The Feel Great Co. far past the musical realm and to stretch into other forms of artistry, but for now it will focus on Sway until the time comes to expand.
Venue Information:
ONCE Lounge
156 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA, 02143