Trinary System "Lights in the Center of Your Head" Record Release, Creative Healing

Trinary System "Lights in the Center of Your Head" Record Release, Creative Healing

Creative Healing

Sat, June 8, 2019

6:00 pm

$10.00 - $13.00

Off Sale

This event is 18 and over

Trinary System
Trinary System
featuring Roger Miller of Mission of Burma

Miller's primary motive for forming The Trinary System was to free his guitar playing from a post-punk environment.

Larry Dersch was in Miller's complex '90's keyboard and drum duo, The Binary System (1 cd on SST, 2 on Atavistic). "Larry proved he could not only take anything I dished out, but he could dish it right back at me."

Andrew Willis played guitar in the avant-rock band The Web in Louisville, KY. "I'd never actually heard him play when I asked him to join the band on bass. I checked in with Larry after the first couple of rehearsals in 2013 - 'You think this works?' Larry said, 'Yeah, let's go.'"

Their first record, AMPLIFY THE AMPLIFIERS , was released in April 2016. It is a 2-sided 45 that comes with a 5-song EP download card.
The band is currently completing mixes for their first full-length in 2018.
- Boston Groupie News, Nov. 2017:
"Trinary System stretch out and interact with less rules and structure than MOB. Loose, freed up, another facet of a fine cut rock."
- Brattleboro Reformer, May 2017:
"It pushes the boundaries of the sonic rock and roll: bass, guitar and drums. It has that raw power..."
- Noise Floor, May 2017: (review of Apr.28 Sinclair show):
"Trinary System, a power trio led by Roger Miller, was on first with an excellent set of jams that fell somewhere between Marquee Moon and a more experimentally-minded deconstruction of Miller’s work in the venerable Boston art-punk unit Mission of Burma."
- Delusions of Adequacy (UK), Feb. 2017:
"Miller is focused on yet another band, in the shape of Trinary System. The still-fresh Boston-birthed trio finds Miller leading the charge with the able assistance of Lawrence Dersch and P. Andrew Willis. The threesome’s promising self-released debut download/seven-inch combo EP, Amplify The Amplifiers, which appeared to not enough fanfare last year, extends upon Miller’s blistering psych-infused solo-traded “Big Steam” b/w “Dream Interpretation” 7” from 2012. Shifting through snaky garage-blues (“Dave Davies”), sinewy early-Burma-like twists and churns (“This House” and “Chemical Stew”), elegiac Sonic Youth abstraction (“Living By Flashlight”) and pummelling Jesus Lizard-indebted swamp-punk (“HOV-1 Violator”). In-between localised touring, Trinary System are gearing-up to record a full-length release this coming summer."
- MOJO Playlist, Feb.2017: The Trinary System: Dave Davies.
"A new trio for Roger Miller (Mission of Burma). Their EP Amplify the Amplifiers opens with a snarling garage nod to the younger Kink's influence on MoB's razored-amp electric fizz ('He kinda helped me go crazy')."
- Big Takeover #8, April 2017:
"Burma fans that haven't followed Miller down some of his more experimental paths should not overlook this."

-Boston Groupie News, July 2016:
Dave Davies in BGN Top Ten! "Roger Miller strikes again. Cool lurching art rocker."

-The Noise, Boston. May 2016:
The album starts out with a tribute to Dave Davies, who, it seems, was Roger’s earliest influence. This isn’t obvious as you navigate the stormy seas that are the rest of this record. There is skronk, feedback, flash, psyche, R & B vamps, classical and more. It is also a very rock ’n’ roll record, with choruses and everything. It just rocks a little weirder, and a lot better, than almost anything else you’ve ever heard in your life.
Creative Healing
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ONCE Lounge
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